Д. Пеннеторн. Геометрия и оптика древней архитектуры

Архитектура Древнего мира разных регионов, камнеобработка, металлургия в архитектуре
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Архитектура Древнего мира разных регионов, камнеобработка, металлургия в архитектуре

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Д. Пеннеторн. Геометрия и оптика древней архитектуры

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Геометрия и оптика древней архитектуры: иллюстрировано на примерах из Фив, Афин и Рима.
With 55 lithographed plates (12 double-page and 10 color).56.5x36 cm. (22¼x14"), later red cloth, spine titled in gilt, with library number at spine foot. Important study of Greek and Roman architecture with a view to its mathematical perfection. John Pennethorne studied architecture and worked in the office of John Nash in London. In the 1830 he went on a grand tour and studied buildings in Europe and Egypt, visiting Paris, Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome, Sicily, Athens, and Thebes. "He came to the conclusion that there was no foundation in fact for the conventional belief that the system of design in Greek architecture was absolutely rectilinear. The same conclusion had already been reached by Josef Hoffer... published in C. F. L. Forster's Allgemeine Bauzeitung in 1838." Blackmer 1280.
Heading: Place Published: London and Edinburgh
Publisher: Williams and Norgate
Date Published: 1878

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Дополнительно (цветные иллюстрации древних росписей).
Josef Durm. Constructive und polychrome Details der griechischen Baukunst
Hittorff Jacques. Architecture antique de la Sicile
Pennethorne John. The geometry and optics of ancient architecture
Operae officiales. Служебные дела.
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